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If you are looking for the best tailors Bali has to offer, then we are the people to trust.

Bali Tailor and Pattern proudly brings you the ultimate experience in confidence, comfort and peace of mind.
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From children’s clothing to elegant night dresses, men’s trousers to beautiful home decor cushions, our team of tailors will help you to fulfill your needs.

Pattern Making

Need patterns for your project? No problem! At Bali Tailor and Pattern, all patterns from your project are yours.

You can even order pattern only.

Leather tailor

We have 15 years experience in making leather goods such as hand bags, totes, wallets, and jackets.

We also have many leather suppliers for you to choose your own materials.

Why Bali Tailor and Pattern

Quality first

We know that convenience means nothing if the job isn’t done right. Our team consist of best tailors and pattern makers in Bali. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that every project is completed perfectly every time.

Affordable & fair

Our pricing is transparent. We provide convenience and consistency for our customers while driving more business to our tailor partners and paying them fairly for their work.

Fast service

We always treasure your time, that is why our team will guaranteed that we always meet your project time frame .


We honor your privacy. Your patterns will be yours and yours only. We never showed or sell your pattern to any other client.